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I am in network with Blue Cross and PacificSource insurances. Please check with your insurance for your benefits, and to verify that I am in network with your specific plan. For most other insurances, I can bill them for you as a courtesy, but you will need to pay the appointment fee in full at the beginning of each appointment. I cannot bill Medicare nor can I bill Kaiser insurance.


If you are a new patient, we will collect your insurance information prior to your first appointment, and set up an initial appointment.

At that appointment we will meet to discuss what you are looking for in a provider and see whether we will be a good fit to work together. 

If we decide to continue, we will set up another appointment where we will do a more extensive evaluation and history. We will also discuss your treatment plan options, including medications, if necessary.


I only see adults in my practice. If you have an ADHD diagnosis or you believe you may have ADHD, we can discuss this. ADHD is complex, and diagnosis involves multiple facets including your history and current symptoms. If you are an adult who has never been treated for ADHD before, this process can take multiple visits. Often I will also recommend you see your Primary Care Provider to rule out other potential factors, including sleep disorders.

If we believe you may have ADHD, we will discuss treatment options. I often recommend that we meet weekly to discuss the other issues that occur in your life, as a result of the ADHD. This includes helping you to understand how ADHD impacts the way you think and relate to others.

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